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What the health ??!!??!!

What the HEALTH is going on ?? 

So much confusion !!

So much fake news !!

So much deception !! 

There is a WAR going on over your HEALTH !! 


Big FOUR Businesses-Industries are coming together to control YOU !! = 

1- Drugs

2- Medical 

3- Food 

4- Technology 


You can win the health war for your loved ones !!

Key TRUTHS that you mus know !!

Dealing with the Pandemic III

17 May 2020 

What the HEALTH ??!!??!! 😉 

Please please please take a moment to know and to consider these health perspectives … what do you think and how will they affect YOU and your loved ones ?? Note, while doing this Email it made me CRY several times … YES I am a cry baby now … I am overwhelmed emotionally when I think about these things !! 

There is a WAR going on … IT is about a FIGHT for your HEALTH !!!! 

Again, to be honest, I started to fight this WAR in the year 1990 and in those early years I was too passionate and aggressive about this WAR because of my childhood traumas and hurts. Today, I am trying to communicate better but please note this WAR is real and today it is really really really BIG … this WAR is about the biggest Pandemic and Epidemic in world HIS-Story !! Sickness, disease and pre-mature death in young and old people has become normal in our society. ;-( 

This WAR is between 

2 Opponents = Symptoms Vs. Cause

WAR = What is at STAKE … how does it affect YOU ?? 

I am trying to keep this as simple as possible, unless you get involved in this WAR and start to fight in this WAR then by scientific fact-logic these FOUR Killers will come into your life and/or your loved one’s life. 

Do you want these ?? = 

FOUR Killers of America: 

#1 Death by Drugs/Medicines/Vaccines subscribed by Medical Doctors. 

#2 Death = Heart Disease, Heart Attack or Stroke. 

#3 Death = CANCER – Colon, Lungs, Brain, Blood, vital organs. 

#4 Death = Diabetes – Type 1 & 2 which supports/increases Death #1 - #2 - #3. 

Note, all these Killers are the main causes of pre-mature Death. 

First Opponent the “SYMPTOMS”: 

This opponent tells us to fight the FOUR Killers by dealing with the SYMPTOMS and the main way they do this is by subscribing Drugs/Medicines/Vaccines. This opponent does not focus on Nutrition, does not study Nutrition and does not promote that Nutrition (air-water-food-exercise-rest-relationships) can deal with and heal the CAUSE of the Killers and thus stop the SYMPTOMS. 

Who is this First Opponent ?? = NIH-National Institutes of Health [Dr. Fauci], Bill Gates Foundation, Obama-Clinton Foundations, ADA-American Diabetes Association, AHA-American Heart Association, ACS-American Cancer Society, AMA-American Medical Association, America Pharma companies, Abortion companies, the FOOD industry, WHO-World Health Organization, CCP-Chinese Communist Party, FDA-Food Drug Administration, CDC-Centers for Disease Control and PREVENTION … plus others !!!! 

The Love of MONEY is the Root of all kinds of EVIL … Trillions and Trillions of US Dollars are in these companies because they are the largest MONEY making companies in the world !! 

Note !! Today … right Now … ALL these groups in the whole world are coming together to have the power and to have control over YOU and your loved ones so in the END they will make the biggest MONEY ever !! ;-( 

Second Opponent the “CAUSE”: 

This opponent tells us to fight the FOUR Killers by dealing with the CAUSES. 

The main way they do this is by educating, encouraging people to change their Nutrition (air-water-food-exercise-rest-relationships) so the person’s body can HEAL itself just like the Creator Designed it to … and the first Greek Doctor Hippocrates promoted this too … Hippocrates is called the Father of Medicine. Note, even though there are many Medical Doctors in this group they can not subscribe/tell people to do Natural – Nutritional things because the First Opponent has made LAWS against subscribing Nutritional treatments !! IF this group of Doctors subscribes/tells people to do some natural Nutritional things to deal with the CAUSE [especially in reference to CANCER] then they will be put in JAIL !! 

Note !! This is NOT a moneymaking group and in fact many in this group has lost a lot of money, have lost their jobs, been put in jail and they have been force to live a very simple life style due to the pressure from the other Opponent SYMPTOMS. 

Who is this Second Opponent ?? = 

Biological Scientists that have expertise in studying how the human body heals itself and one main basic thing that stops health, starts sickness and disease is Toxins. Toxins that come into a Cell environment damage the flow and deign of the Cells and the result is sickness and disease. The simple Health Formula that we understand that promotes natural and life long health is = 

Body + good Nutrition – bad Toxins = Divine Health !! 

Note !! The First Opponent the “SYMPTOMS” Has raised, done tons of FUND raisers, made millions and millions of dollars off of victims and families to find the Cure for CANCER since the 1970’s, in fact President Nixon is the one who declared the WAR on CANCER in 1971 and since then America has spent trillions and trillions of dollars in trying to find this CURE !! But we have NO CURE, we have beautiful Cancer Research buildings/offices, we have created many jobs but let me tell you this … tell will never find the CURE because they are looking in the wrong place to find it !!!! 

There is someone who found the CURE for CANCER in 1931. I studied his findings in the 1990’s because my first family Death was losing my GrandPA to CANCER, then I lost my High School Engineering teacher to CANCER and then I lost my Football Coach which I was with for 4 years to CANCER … to say the least I HATE cancer !! Dr. Otto Warburg, he was Jewish but he was funded by Hitler because he too had CANCER !! Dr. Otto was the sole recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1931 for discovering the CAUSE and PREVENTION of CANCER !! [Say that 3 times please !!] 

Because of the CCP Virus lockdown, I have tried to look at the material I studied about Dr. Otto in the 1990’s … guess what … it is gone … it is NOT online and if it is … it is worded in a way that never suggests that he found the Cure for CANCER … hmmm … WHY ?? 

Get ready, I am going to simply tell you what he said is the Cure for CANCER and he made some big speeches to the American Medical Industries and schools in the 1960’s and this is what I remember him saying, 

“If the American Medical Industries keep ignoring my research then millions and millions of Americans will DIE of CANCER !!”  

His prophecy came way true, my GrandPA, Teacher, Coach plus other loved ones have died but he was wrong because it is not millions, it is Trillions of Americans since his speeches !!!! Ooohhh … I did not tell you what the Cure for CANCER is according to Dr. Otto. Ready, here it is, the Cure for CANCER is PREVENTION. It is simple Nutrition, we all already have CANCER in our bodies, if we give our bodies good nutrition, keep toxins out of our body cells and do things to help get toxins out of our body then we will NOT get CANCER !! That Cure for CANCER is too easy, you can not make money on it, you can not put a PATENT on it and I love it because it is totally per our Creator’s Design and purpose !! 

In the Second Opponent the “CAUSE”: 

There are many Medical Doctors in this group now. They have joined the CAUSE side because their patients were die-ing, not getting healed, were not healthy and/or they themselves got sick and diseased !! 

Will you please support and join this side of the WAR today ?? 

Now is the time more than any other time in my life span. 

Please, YOU need to take ACTION … especially for your loved ones !! 

What side of this WAR will you be on ?? 

Most do nothing and that supports the First Opponent because that is what they do; they simply just take over and have the sheep follow them to their doom. You can see they are winning the WAR because the FOUR Killers of America has grown in large numbers since 1990 and death is out of control, they are causing a true pandemic/epidemic and most people are being passive, they just accept that this is just the way life is and then go through the pains of sickness and disease. 

Will you just accept this ?? 

Are you going to accept this and do nothing ??  

Please please please reply and contact me … I would love to serve you. 😉 

Last POINT: Please please please … take a moment right now and say this out loud to someone or to yourself while looking at yourself in the mirror. Say this, 

There is a Pandemic and an Epidemic now all around us. 

What will I do to save myself and my loved ones. 

There is a Pandemic and an Epidemic now all around us. 

What will I do to save myself and my loved ones. 

There is a Pandemic and an Epidemic now all around us. 

What will I do to save myself and my loved ones.” 

… just say it three times … now what is your ANSWER ???? 

Please reply to me and please let me know … thanks. 😉 

Phra JAO uay phra pon MAK krab … blessing big time to you and yours. 

Aajaan Daniel Docto aka Khru Doc 

PS- Please please please contact me, reply and I will give you more info. 

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