Certification - Certification - Certification

Year 1994 my 1st Cert !!


Started to look at Muay Thai in the year 1989. I became an Assistant Muay Thai Instructor under U.W.M.T.A. = United World Muay Thai Association founded by Khru VUT Kamnark. I had been studying with Khru VUT for over 1 year and I was 31 years young in 1994 ... wow ... krab !!

Year 2000 my Senior Cert !!


U.W.M.T.A. did a big beach Camp in Florida USA with over 250 people attending from all over the USA and then I became 1 of 4 Senior Instructors under Khru VUT Kamnark. We promoted fights and learned how to do them from preparing fighters, to refereeing  and to the basic business.

Year 2010 my Thailand Cert !!


I visited Thailand in 2004 and then in 2005. Moved to Thailand to work with Fairtex BKK and then ope Fairtex Pattaya. Then Khru VUT reconnected with his College Professor Aajaan DEJ at the Muay Thai College. I finally became a Thailand Muay Thai Khru so that is why I am Khru Doc.



Most people do not realise that many, some say 90% of the champion trainers in Thailand do NOT have any CERTIFICATIONs !!



WHY ... because Thailand Muay Thai is an "Open Book" system or style. Every trainer and fighter all have their personal style of Muay Thai !!



That is WHY, me Khru Doc, tell my students to train with as many Thailand Muay Thai family members as possible. And to ME the BEST of the best Muay Thai is the style YOU personally like and will finally develop in your OWN life time. 

WHY get Khru Doc's Muay Thai Certificate ??

Solid Basic "Skill Sets" to practice.


Our Curriculum Certification is all about LEARNing, then Practicing and then Teaching a Solid Basic "Skill Sets" in Muay Thai that will help set up your OWN skill sets from your personal style.

My LIFE in Muay Thai in the USA !!


Our Curriculum Certification comes from me, Khru Doc, from CKC - Concord Kickboxing Club (1990 to 2004), from Khru VUT U.W.M.T.A. (1994 to 2010) and from Khru Doc living in Thailand 11 plus years (2006 to 2017) ... wow krab !! 

My LIFE in Muay Thai in Thailand !!


Our Curriculum Certification comes the the Muay Thai College Aajaan Dej and Khru VUT Kamnark U.W.M.T.A. in the USA. PLUS the bonus the many other fighters and trainers Khru Doc has trained with in Amazing Thailand = North - Central - North East and YES South Thailand. 


You CAN Do It !!  Got Muay Thai PASSiON ... Chai mai krab ?? 

MTM Certification Program


Come to Paradise for 5 Days and 4 Nites FULL of the Real Deal Muay Thai Kickboxing !!

Sawasdee krab ... check this out ... krab !! ;-)  

More info on Khru Doc !!

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BOOK schedule HERE !!  

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5 Days 4 Nites 7 Lessons FULL of Thailand Culture- History- Tradition- Techniques of KO Ring Fights 

Join the Mission = MTM = Muay Thai Missions !!

      This is for anyone who wants to learn more Muay Thai, who wants to practice regularly, who wants to develop a WorkOut Group - Muay Thai Family Team for Fun- Fight- Fitnesss or Business.  

      In this Certification you will receive Khru Doc’s Booklets which will set up Weekly WorkOut Programs that will give people a “Skill Set” which is so needed in the overwhelming chaos and confusion of today’s Muay Thai styles in Gyms and Training Camps.  

      To be honest at our AoNang Krabi Stadium in South Thailand there are no Instructor Certifications but Thailand does have College University Degrees (BA, MA, PHD) in Muay Thai !!  Khru Doc has his Certification from Thailand’s Muay Thai College and Khru Association and he has written a simple Booklet in 2011 and revised it in 2016 to give a solid foundation to Muay Thai Instructors, Student for Life Family, Training Camps and Fitness Gyms.   

      If you love Muay Thai then your will love this Certification Program because it is conducted in the Paradise of Thailand which is AoNang Krabi and it is a Curriculum (a College Educational Lesson format) that is in simple writing = a Book form that gives a lifelong reference to teach and practice Muay Thai.


Here is an Example 5 DAYs & 4 NTEs:  (Note- MT = Muay Thai … PLUS in this Schedule there will be Time to visit Beaches, Islands, Wat-Temples, to talk & look at Thailand living & culture, practice teaching Muay Thai to KIDS, to see the Real Deal Muay Thai plus Massages on the Beach !!) 

1 DAY - TUESday Arrive in PARADISE AoNang Krabi  

12:00pm-2:00pm Check IN   

03:00pm-05:00pm Training =   #1 Certificate in MT BOXing (the Hands of MT) 

06:00pm Thai Food Dinner    09:00pm-10:00pm Good Night 

2 DAY - WEDNESday Double WorkOut  

07:00am-10:00am Training =   #2 Certificate in Elbows (the Knives of MT) 

11:00am-02:00pm Breakfast-Lunch Rest/Sleep and/or visit the Beach ??  

02:00pm-03:00pm Training = Fun Fitness Class with Ban AoNang School KIDS ??  

03:00pm-05:00pm Training =   #3 Certificate in Knees (the Hardest Combat strike of all) 

06:00pm Thai Food Dinner  09:00pm-10:00pm Good Night  

3 DAY - THURSday Double WorkOut 

07:00am-10:00am Training =   #4 Certificate in Kicks (Front, Side, Round Baseball Bats)  

11:00am-02:00pm Breakfast-Lunch Rest/Sleep and/or visit the Beach ??  

03:00pm-05:00pm Training =   #5 Certificate in Clinches/Throws (InSide Fighting No.1 Tech. in Thailand) 

06:00pm Thai Food Dinner  09:00pm-10:00pm Good Night 

4 DAY - FRIday FULL Day & Night Fights  

07:00am-10:00am Training =    #6 Certificate in Fight COMBOS (put it all together Thai Pad training) 

11:00am-02:00pm Breakfast-Lunch Rest/Sleep and/or visit the Beach ??  

03:00pm-05:00pm Training =   #7 Certificate Sparring & Fighting (get into the Ring = Muay Thai !!)  

07:00pm Thai Food Dinner = Fight Night !!  

08:00pm MuayThai Stadium Tour ... take Pictures and Videos !!  

09:00pm-11:00pm+ get Ready to Rumble ... the Real Deal MuayThai Fights !!  

5 DAY - SATURday go do the Mission = MuayThai Mission !!  

07:00am-10:00am = Wake UP, Pack UP and get ready to go home. ;-)   


34,900 THB = 5 Days 4 Nites Certification Program = 34,900 THB

7 Lessons FULL of Thailand Culture- History- Tradition- Techniques of KO Ring Fights


1- MTM Certificate, MTM Booklets 2011 & 2016 & Khru Doc support via FaceBook  

2- Private Room w/ Fan Muay Thai style w/ Computer WiFi  

3- (2) Thai Meals with Water per day eating with Khru Doc daily  

4- Friday Nite Fights RingSide Sofa Seat, Backstage Tour & Buffet Seafood Dinner   

5- Transportation only to & from AirPort and for Certification Training & Fight Nite  


1- Motor Scooter Bike or other personal transportation 

2- Air Line Tickets or Air Fare Costs 

3- Cell Phone or other Phone Costs  

4- Room A/C = No Power Air Conditioning 

5- Tourist Activities, Massages, Alcohol Drinks, Medical Services, Medicine 

6- Personal MT Mouth Guard, Groin Protector, Hand Wraps, Ankle Supports, Thai Oil 

7- Personal Snacks, Drinks, Fruits, Tourist Gifts, MT Gear, etc.  

Download an Example of the MTM Curriclum Booklet 2016


3- MTM Certification Program includes a MTM Certificate - 2011 MTM Booklet & 2016 MTM Booklet !! 

Click on a file to download.