Are you just starting an Exercise program ??

Khru Doc started to exercise at the age of 10 years old when he was a FAT overweight kid.  Fitness now is his PASSiON and his goal is for you to do something because it is better than NOTHING !!

Do you need to Rehab an Injury ??

Khru Doc has Neck, Shoulder, upper & lower Back, ACL right Knee, R/L Wrists and Lung Breathing allergy problems !!  ALL of these things are strong by his Won Hundred workout program !!

You want or need a Maintenance plan ??

Khru Doc's Nung Roi/ 100 WorkOut can keep your body in shape to do any Sport !!  You can do this WorkOut any place ... Traveling, Vacation, Work, Home and/or the GYM ... krab !!

You are looking 4 something New ... Endurance ??

You CAN Do it !!  Khru Doc's program is something totally new, he developed it and has been perfecting it in Thailand for the last 10 years !!  It is his personal training program to keep himself FIT for Muay Thai and he is in his MID 50's !!  He can set up a Personal Program for YOU ... contact him !!  Khru Doc will start to do Video's on his YouTube Channel so please SUBscribe to it. 

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FITness for LIFE !!

Military Police Fighting !!

Nung Roi WorkOut - 100 !!


Interested in getting into workout shape ??

Do you Travel & need a workout program ??

Do you have some Injuries & need REHAB ?? Nung Roi WorkOut - 100 Coming Soon !!

Nung Roi WorkOut - 100 !!

Military Police Fighting !!

Nung Roi WorkOut - 100 !!


1- Beginner just starting to workout ?? 

2- Experienced need Maintenance Progam ??

3- Pro WorkOut but need to REHAB your Body ??

Nung Roi WorkOut - 100 

Coming Soon !!

Military Police Fighting !!

Military Police Fighting !!

Military Police Fighting !!


Khru Doc has over 40 years of FITness training & over 25 years of Muay Thai Kickboxing Ring conditioning ... he has developed a workout program in Thailand called "Nung Roi" = 100 = or we like to say a WON Hundred workout !!  

This workout will make you a WINNER for Life !!

Nung Roi WorkOut 100 

Coming Soon !!

Nung Roi = 100 Workouts !!

Latest WorkOuts from AoNang Krabi South Thailand !!

100 WorkOuts !!

Exercises from the MTM Certification Camp Seminar 2011

Old School 100 WorkOuts !!

This is the first time we started to record the Nung Roi = 100 WorkOuts 2008 !!