Formula for Healing Health = FFHH


How do I share over 25 years of Experience with YOU in just 2 minutes ??

Hello, this is Khru DOC and Zina Docto

Can I (Doc) be really honest with you ??

Today which person are YOU ??

1. SICK - You are Sick & Tired OF being Sick & Tired.

YOU and/or someone YOU Love is SICK or Diseased or has CANCER.  You feel that the Medical Industry does not have a FORMULA for Healing Health = FFHH.  You think Doctors only know to do Surgery (Cut), Radiation (Burn), Chemotherapy (Drugs) and use only Toxic Medicines that all have side effects.  YOU are seeking a Natural, a Designer and/or a Creator's FORMULA for Healing Health.

2. WEIGHT LOSS - You are struggling with Weight Loss.

YOU know something has to change but there are so many Diet Plans and Programs out there.  In fact YOU have tried many of them.  YOU lose weight but gain it back and you FEEL in your Soul there is a Natural, a Designer and/or a Creator's FORMULA for Weight Loss for Life as a Life style. 

3. ENERGY - You want a more Youthful Life and you need Engergy.

YOU want to experience Life to the FULL and you are seeking Natural Fuel Food that will make you run like a high performance race car.  YOU now know that Life is short and IT is an amazing Gift.  YOU want to enjoy IT and with Energy and Activity.  You want to play with your Grand KIDS, yes Great Grand KIDS and YOU want to be thankful that you are  able to enjoy such a GIFT. 


Are YOU ready to know this FORMULA ??

Positive IN - Negative OUT = HEALING HEALTH

When you apply this to your Life ... HEALING HEALTH happens !!

1- AIR

2- Water

3- Food

4- Exercise


6- Sun Light

7- Relationships

Positive IN = Natural Designer Nutrition, Clean Organic Pure materials, Herbal medicine with no side effects or Toxins, Filtered materials that restore the original state of clean building materials for the human body.  No man made drugs or materials that only give temporary fixes because we need and want life long Creator Designs for life to the full.  

Negative OUT = Natural ways of assisting the human body to get Waste, Toxins, Poisons and man made Chemicals or Drugs OUT of the human body.  Using designer methods to DETOX the body and to make it clean and strong for the highest levels of performance. 

FAQ - Frequently Asked Question ... WHERE does FFHH come from ??

A. 2000 bc - The oldest HIS-Story Book of Human Kind the Bible ... the Original Design of the Creator of ALL.

B. 1931 ad - Dr. Otto Warburg won Nobel Prize on the Cause & Prevention of CANCER. 

C. 1990 ad - I Khru Doc first heard about the FFHH from  Dr. George Malkmus  when I was personally Sick & Tired, needed a life long Weight Loss Plan and wanted Youthful Energy for Life.  Dr. George was die-ing from CANCER at age 42 when the Creator showed him the FFHH. In 1996 Zina and I got Certified by him as Health Ministers and he was 63 young at that time.  He ran 3 miles with us and it was easy for him to do so.  Today Dr. George is our living Health example that the FFHH works for he had CANCER in his 40's, he was die-ing and now he is in his 80's fully healed and healthy.  2017-1990 = 27 years Zina and I have been living the FFHH and as you get older you can get more PURE in FFHH.

That is the A-B-C's so far.  Do YOU want to learn more ??  Please CONTACT Us now.

Please watch the short Video below

FFHH Video

Please check out this VIDEO

FFHH = 1-2-3 Basic Steps


Are ready to TRY just 3 simple steps for 1 month ?? ... Keep it SIMPLE !!


If you can get out side and move your body then that is good EXERCISE.  This brings Positive IN to your life !!  EXERCISE brings AIR o2 IN to your body and moves it through your body.  EXERCISE moves  Water and Food through your body. EXERCISE promotes Positive IN your Relationships, Sun Light and REST.  The bonus of EXERCISE is it is a great way to get Negative OUT, Toxins out and to DETOX the Spirit - Soul - Body of the Human BEing. EXERCISE is an amazing GIFT so open IT UP and enjoy IT while you can. I Khru Doc am almost 55 years young, if you want, you can come EXERCISE with me and I would love teaching you more about loving life and enjoying the gift of EXERCISE. 


Schedule (4) times a DAY to drink 16oz. of pure natural WATER.  If you can get Alkaline WATER that is even better and the latest plant power water is inside of CoCoNuts.  We personally get our WATER from PURE PLANT Juice so we will talk more about that next. 


How many servings of PLANTS (Fruits & Vegetables) to YOU eat daily ?? The latest studies are agreeing that everyone should eat 20++ servings of PLANTS if they just want to live life in good health. I personally 30 to 50 servings of PLANTS daily !! PLANT Foods (Raw, Organic, Natural, Deep GREEN) are a great way to get Positive IN and to get Negative OUT.  This is so important for KIDS because their taste for PLANTS are mainly established from 2 to 5 years old. The SAD (Standard American Diet) foods that KIDS eat today put them on the typical American road of Sickness, Disease and pre-mature Death. 

PLANT JUICING is a BIG Key to the FFHH divine design.  WHY ??  Drinking only a small 8oz. glass of fresh raw carrot juice is the same serving in take as eating 20++ carrots. That is the easy and simple way to get plant nutrients and servings into your body.  I personally drink 1 to 3 glasses of GREEN Barley MAX juice per day and just 1 drink is like eating 5++ salads !! 

The food, drug and supplement industry are all SELLING us food because we eat daily. Allow me to sell you (2) Plant supplements that Dr. George has developed = BarleyMAX and Fiber CLEANSE they fully hit Positive IN & Negative OUT with PLANT power for LIFE !!  

4- BONUS = Renew your MIND & Break away from the Pattern of this Sick/Diseased world.

YOU must connect with people living a life by applying FFHH step by step. Then YOU start to Renew your MIND and confirm in your Heart what is the Designer - Creator FFHH then you will be ABLE to make a Life Style CHANGE that will benefit you for Life and Death.  What you HOPE for and Believe IN is how you will truly live your life. To me the #1 proof of TRUTH is lives, people that are and have Walked the Talked and have miraculous testimonies/real life examples of a FFHH = Formula For Healing Health. 

My personal Cancer story


I hate CANCER ... do YOU ?? Khru DOC why are you a PASSiON person for this ??

My first childhood experience with CANCER was from 8 to 16 years old. My parents were struggling, they separated and did get a divorce but my big Italian GrandPA tried to comfort me during these 8 years but he was die-ing of CANCER. The CANCER killed him in 8 years (I am actually crying right now) and he was a big strong man of 190 lbs. plus but died from CANCER at 98 lbs. minus !! 

I hate CANCER ... do you ??  Will you please try some of the Plant FUEL that we are promoting ??  IT will help you, help us Fight the WAR on CANCER and plus you can actually LEARN a PLAN so you can get it for FREE if you sign up and Register through us.  Please try it and contact us ... Thanks ... Khru Doc

Please CLICK Here to try some Plant FUEL for just One Month !!  You will FEEL It !!

Please CLICK Here to try some Plant FUEL !!    You will FEEL It !!

CANCER Prevention Plan ??


GOT a PLAN ?? What is your CANCER Prevention PLAN ??

What are WE doing Daily to Prevent CANCER from killing us, killing our Friends & Love ONES ??  

We have been sharing and promoting this Cure 4 CANCER for over 25 years ... WHY doesn't anyone listen ??  Are we truly dumb Sheep going to the slaughter ??!! ;-( 

Cause & Prevention of CANCER: 

1- Too much Toxins. (Over load of Poisons, Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, etc.)  

2- Being Malnourished. (Not enough Nutrients getting in.)  

3- Lack of Oxygen which is the #1 need of the human body.  

4- Lack of Hydration ... Water is the #2 need of the human body.  

5- Daily Cleansing … all of these elements working together cleaning the body.  

FFHH = Formula For Healing Health

Exercise and Consuming Plant FUEL does all these !!   

NOTE … that is the Cure 4 CANCER !! =  Prevention !!   

Please contact us … please tell us your CANCER Prevention PLAN ??   

WHAT is your CANCER Prevention PLAN for your Children … your KIDS ??  

Please CLICK Here to try some Plant FUEL for just One Month !!  You will FEEL It !!

Please CLICK Here to try some Plant FUEL !!    You will FEEL It !!

Dr. George Malkmus & Cancer

Dr. Malkmus is Khru Doc's Senior Health Minister.  Doc became a minister under him in 1996.  Dr. George was 63 years young at that time and they ran a 3 mile warm up durning the Certification in Eidson, Tennessee USA.  It is amazing to meet a man that was die-ing of CANCER at the age of 42 but now is 10x's healthier at the age of 63 !!  Today, he is alive and well in his mid 80's !!  Divine Design by the Creator. 

You already have CANCER ??!!

Here is a latest TED Video by a Doctor that is practicing a Cure for CANCER !!  The main points I get out of what he is saying is that we ALL have CANCER in us already !!  And the best way to stop CANCER is by eating Plant FUELS !!  The true Cure for CANCER is PREVENTION ... IT is preventing the development of CANCER !!  Please take a look at this before CANCER starts to KILL someone you LOVE like yourself !!