1- VIP private lesson 1.5 hrs+


This is what we offer:


This is what Khru Doc is famous for.  He has over 50 Five Star Reviews on TripAdvisor which is not his own business but a Resort he use to work at.  Khru Doc has over 10 years of experience in the USA and now over 10 years of experience in Thailand so there is no one else on earth with his type of back ground and that is why people love to learn from him especially when his focus is on Amazing Thailand's Culture - History - Tradition - Techniques of KO Ring Fighting !! 

Beginners - Experienced - Pro-Fighters ALL love learning and training with Khru Doc.  He has Certifified Instructors and done Muay Thai Seminars in Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Hawaii, Nevada, Idaho, Texas and California USA.  Please see out TripAdvisor 5 Star Reviews !! 

2- Lesson for 2 or more people


2 on 1 private seminar lesson 1.5 hours plus +

3 on 1 private seminar lesson 1.5 hours plus +

4 on 1 private seminar lesson 1.5 hours plus +

5 on 1 private seminar lesson 1.5 hours plus + 

6 on 1 private seminar lesson 1.5 hours plus +

7 or more People as a Team please Contact us for pricing. 

3- MTM Certification Program


5 Days 4 Nites 7 Lessons FULL of Thailand Culture- History- Tradition- Techniques of KO Ring Fights

Join the Mission = MTM = Muay Thai Missions !!

       This is for anyone who wants to learn more Muay Thai, who wants to practice regularly, who wants to develop a WorkOut Group - Muay Thai Family Team for Fun- Fight- Fitnesss or Business.  

       In this Certification you will receive Khru Doc’s Booklets which will set up Weekly WorkOut Programs that will give people a “Skill Set” which is so needed in the overwhelming chaos and confusion of today’s Muay Thai styles in Gyms and Training Camps. 

4- RingSide Seats- Fight Night

Real Deal MTM Ring Fights


Muay Thai = Thailand Ring Fighting ... it has been apart of this Country from the beginning of time !!  Watching this type of Event is truly a Thailand experience and an Amazing Activity !! 

Thailand's #1 National Sport


AoNang Krabi Stadium has its main Fights on Friday nights ... but during the High Tourist season there are fights almost every night of the week !!  People love this Activity because it is truly a part of Thailand living !! 

Culture - History - Tradition


This is a MTM Fighter from France, he is 10 years old and this is his first Ring Fight in Thailand !!  He is fighting a Thailand boy of 9 years old but he already has over 50 fights !!  


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 Create an itinerary including AoNang Cliff Beach Resort Fitness Club ... this is like talking to and connecting with the LOCALS so you can have an amazing experience in Paradise South Thailand AoNang Krabi ... Check IT Out ... krab !! ;-)   

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MTM Fighter from Idaho USA

AoNang Krabi Stadium was built in the Chinese Thai Lucky Year of 2000.  It is the largest in the South Region and the Host of the South Championship Fights.  The Stadium is nicknamed Raja 2 because it is a sister to Raja 1 in Bangkok which is the First Regional Stadium built in 1945.  This is the Real Deal, it is not a Tourist place but when Foreigners fight here they have to fight for Real ... great Job Khru Chava on this fight !! 

MTM Fighter from France

Many of the Thailand Nationals have done Muay Thai when they were young.  Thailand considers this Sport a "Boy to Man" Activity & can the Boy's display Royal Honor Respect Humbleness when fighting and then try to do a Man style Knock OUT strike ??!!  Many of the 10 year old Fighters in AoNang Krabi already have 100+ plus fights because a big part of the training is weekly Ring Fights !!  This is MTM's French Fighter BenJamin and he did an Amazing Job !!  Showed his Heart growing in this event. 


Some of the Muay Thai fights in this Stadium are between a 16 year old and a 26 year old retired Champion.  The younger fighter gets tested like this to see if he is ready to become a Champ by beating an Old Champ !!  We do not do this in the USA but this makes Thailand so strong in their Hearts !!  This is MTM's Fighter Hans, his Dad is Japan and his Mom is Dutch so he has some amazing Fight Genes !!  He did a great Job in this Fight even though the Thailand Champ got him with a good PUNCH !! 


This was Khru Doc's first MTM Fighter that came to train and to fight at the Stadium.  He did this amazing Video and this is one of Khru Doc's favorite AoNang Krabi Muay Thai Videos ... it was done in the Year 2008 ... many things have changed since then but it's Paradise !!