Sawasdee krab ... Hello from South Thailand AoNang Krabi

24-30 November 2019 ... MTM Certification camp

Khru DOC is sharing /teaching his full Life MuayThai !! He owned a Gym in North California from 1990 to 2004. Visited Thailand in 2004 and in 2005 and then FULLY moved to Thailand through Fairtex and is now living in South Thailand AoNang Krabi from 2006 to 2020. 

Anyone can do this CAMP and some will get Certified !! 

"This CAMP is about learning the Real Deal Muay Thai "Skill SETS" so you can go home and practice - share - teach and perfect them to make the Muay Thai Family bigger and better. Perfect your simple/basic "Skill SETS" and then you can do more later. There is too much Muay Thai skills to learn and many are not doing the basics." 

... Khru Doc from FaceBook

*** Revision 2 = 22 October 2019 *** 

camp schedule = Sunday to Saturday 7-days/6-nites


1-NITE SUNday 24 November 2019 - Arrive on SUNday !!

NOTE this CAMP is 7-Days/6 Nights !! 

*** Revision 2 = 22 October 2019 ***

Muay Thai Camp Sunday to Saturday = 

24 to 30 November 2019  

1- DAY Arrival = Sunday 24 November 2019  

3pm-5pm = Do group Pictures of arriving in Paradise South Thailand Krabi AoNang ?? 

5pm-7pm = Quick Tour of AoNang Town and then first good Thai Food Dinner. ;-)   

MuayThai meet & greet with Khru Doc & Coach Zina 

[You will learn a lot of MuayThai Thailand Culture - History - Tradition from Khru Doc]  

7pm-9pm Relax go to Sleep !!  

Try to arrive in the morning or around Noon so you can Check IN, Relax & have Dinner. ;-)  

This probably means you will fly into BKK Saturday late night.  

2-NITE MONday 25 November 2019

2- DAY first workout day = Monday 

7:00am-8:00am Small Wat WorkOut AoNang - 

8am-10am #1 Session - #1 Session= Fighting Stance, Move, Block

10am-Noon Brunch Lunch meal  

Noon-3pm Relax Pool Beach Sleep !! 

3pm-5pm #2 Session - #2 Session= MTM Boxing/Punches - 

5pm-7pm Dinner meal 

7pm-9pm Relax go to Sleep !!  

3-NITE TUESday 26 November 2019

3- DAY second workout day = Tuesday 

7:00am-8:00am Running Jumping Rope Warm UP    

8am-10am #3 Session - #3 Session= MTM Knives/ELBOWS - 

10am-Noon Brunch Lunch meal  

Noon-3pm Relax Pool Beach Sleep !! 

3pm-5pm #4 Session - #4 Session= MTM KNEES -

5pm-7pm Dinner meal 

7pm-9pm Relax go to Sleep !! 

4-NITE WEDNESday 27 November 2019

4- DAY third workout day = Wednesday Wat Tam Sua !! 

7:00am-10:00am BIG Wat WorkOut & CheckOut Wat MuayThai Gym - 

Wat TAM Sua = Tiger Cave Temple Tour Krabi Town   

10am-Noon Get JUICED !! Little Shopping ?? Brunch Lunch meal  

Noon-3pm Relax Pool Beach Sleep/REST !! 

3pm-5pm #5 Session - #5 Session= MTM Wrestling CLINCH 

5pm-7pm Dinner meal 

7pm-9pm Relax go to Sleep !! 

5- NITE THURSday 28 November 2019

5- DAY fourth workout day = Thursday 

7:00am-8:00am Jumping Rope STRETCHING for Kicks !! 

8am-10am #6 Session - #6 Session= PUSH KICKS

10am-Noon Brunch Lunch meal  

Noon-3pm Relax Pool Beach Sleep !! 

3pm-5pm #7 Session - #7 Session= BaseBall SWING KICKS -

5pm-7pm Dinner meal 

7pm-9pm Relax go to Sleep !! 

6-NITE FRIday 29 November 2019 - Friday Night Fights !!

 6- DAY fourth workout day = Friday Nite at the FIGHTS !! 


7:00am-8:00am Thailand Muslim Breakfast ... yummy krab !! 

8:00am-9:00am Visit Local MuayThai Gym or Stadium Gym ?? 

9:00am-10:00am Relax and take Pictures on the BEACH ?? 

10:00am-NOON = #8 Session - #8 Session= MTM Fight COMBOS Sparring


Noon-2pm Massage on the Beach 300 & Hang Out on the Beach  

2pm-4pm FREE Time, shopping, visit the other Beach, look for Monkeys ??  

4pm-5pm Shower and Clean UP ... get ready for Celebration Dinner. 

5pm-7:30pm Dinner meal at AoNang Beach Resort listen to some local Music ?? 


7:37pm-11:37pm Muay Thai Stadium Tour & Fights at the Championship Stadium !! 


7- DAY Departure = Saturday 30 November 2019  10am-Noon Brunch/Lunch last Thai Food meal !!  

Pack UP and try to book flight out in the Afternoon so we can have Brunch/Lunch together ??  

Phra JAO uay phra pon MAK krab ... blessings from Paradise South Thailand, 

Khru Doc and Coach Zina 

PS- Remember ALL the Notes below ... 

I now including the Massage on the Beach, better Rooms and Food. ;-) 

1- 17 October 2019 will be the Confirmation Drop Dead DATE. Confirm all the people going and make a DEPOSIT = 

2- Send US - Khru Doc Names and Flight Info. 

3- Confirming COST: 

- Certified Instructor's total cost to MTM = 37,000 Thai Baht 

- Student Level #1 Cert.'s total cost to MTM = 18,000 Thai Baht 
4- Includes and Excludes are still noted below ... 

5- Do you have any more question ??  

Let's talk now. Get ready to Rumble in Amazing Thailand the Land of Smiles. ;-)    

camp & Thailand details ... more to come !!


What is included ?? (Only the items listed below)

*** Revision 2 = 22 October 2019 *** 


1- MTM Certificate, MTM Booklets 2011 & 2016 & Khru Doc support via FaceBook  

[For MTM Certified Instructors and Level #1 Students !!]

2- Private Room w/ Fan Muay Thai style w/ Computer WiFi 

[Most Rooms will be 2 Px People in each Room] 

3- (2) Thai Meals with Water per day eating with Khru Doc daily 

[Simple Thai Food so you will loose weight] 

4- Friday Nite Fights RingSide Sofa Seat, Backstage Tour & MuayThai Dinner 

[This will be a BIG meal Celebration or if you want Veggie Food ??] 

5- Transportation only to & from AirPort and for Certification Training & Fight Nite

[You can rent Scooters but remember #1 cause of Death is a Scooter in Thailand !!]  

What is excluded ?? (items not included or listed above)


1- Motor Scooter Bike or other personal transportation 

2- Air Line Tickets or Air Fare Costs 

3- Cell Phone or other Phone Costs  

4- Room A/C = No Power Air Conditioning [mainly Fans but we might get A/C ??]

5- Tourist Activities, Massages, Alcohol Drinks, Medical Services, Medicine 

6- Personal MT Mouth Guard, Groin Protector, Hand Wraps, Ankle Supports, Thai Oil 

7- Personal Snacks, Drinks, Fruits, Tourist Gifts, MT Gear, etc.  

8- AirLine, Medical, Vehicle, Scooter, Life, Body, etc. Insurance 

9- Costs for extra DAYS or Nights stay and extra Rooms 

[Most countries get a Thailand on Arrival Tourist VISA for FREE but check it !!]

COST, Fees, Expenses, Funds !!

1- MTM Instructor Certification Cost = 37,000 Thai Baht

[Certificate, 2 MTM Booklets 2011 & 2016, Khru Doc Videos & OnLine Support]

[Includes all the items included and listed above !!]

2- Camp Cost for all Students NON-Instructors = 18,000 Thai Baht 

[Includes all the items included and listed above !!]

3- Additional Days/Nights = 2,000 Thai Baht

4- Scooter Rentals = 400 Thai Baht per day 

5- Extra Thai Food meals = 200 Thai Baht per meal 

6- Thailand Cell Phone SIM Card = 200 Thai Baht each plus phone call fees

7- ATM Charges are 100 to 200 Thai Baht for withdraws CHECK with your BANK !! 

NOTE there are ATM machines all over the Town of AoNang Krabi for Tourists. 

NOW Now Now !! = Non-Refundable Deposit is DUE 17 October 2019

NOTE:  Confirm all the people going and make a DEPOSIT =  

1-  17 October 2019 will be the Confirmation Drop Dead DATE to confirm the Camp and people Count. ;-)  

Every person will make a Non-Refundable Deposit of 5,000 Thai Baht for each person to Reserve the Rooms/Gym for training. 

2- This is sent by PayPal to MTM - Muay Thai Missions via Email =

Questions Questions ... we have Answers Answers !!

*** Revision 2 = 22 October 2019 *** 

1- Immigration VISA Application NOTE use this Address: 

360 Soi AoNang 1, Moo 2, AoNang Krabi South Thailand 81180 

Contact: Khru Doc aka Daniel C. Docto 

Computer World USA Phone # +1 916 222 4275

Thailand Cell Phone # +668 80 889 1779

2- Anymore questions ?? Please feel FREE to contact us. 

3- People WHO ask questions get the most out of Life and Muay Thai ... krab !! 

Videos, Film, Photos, Pictures note !!

1-  If you have a Film Crew that can come with you, people who will not Train but just take Video, Pictures and Record the training then you will have an awesome Reference to review and to share your Training/Experiences in Thailand with many many PEOPLE... sooo YES tell them to come !! 

2- Khru DOC is getting to old to do this, he is looking for younger people who could really learn and benefit from the Thailand Muay Thai Lessons that he will share and teach you all.  Khru DOC is totally open and wanting some young people to set up lessons, videos, web sites/pages and instructional "Skill Sets" that can promote and share his MTM Muay Thai. IF this can make funds then great ... Just DO It !! Just send some Donations and Funds to MTM - Muay Thai Missions ... krab !!